Why Did My Cheesecake Crack?!

cracked cheesecakeAhhh the age old question, why did my cheesecake crack in the oven? If this has happened to you, don’t panic, you are not alone, many have suffered to same fate. The real question is, can I prevent it from happening again? Well I just may be able to help in this regards.

To start I’d like to say that cheesecakes can be a very tricky dessert, especially if it is a recipe with whipped egg whites folded in it! This calls for some finesse, be gentle and don’t over mix. So let’s say you have blended all your ingredients carefully and have evenly spread it in a spring form pan, you are already to bake. Not so fast, try placing a heatproof pan/container of water on the rack below under your cheesecake. This has been known to help prevent cracks from forming and has certainly helped me with my cakes.

Another tip to avoiding cracks is to let your cake cool in the oven for about 30 minutes with the door open after it has baked. Many recipes will even have the cake not fully baked and them tell you to turn off oven but leave the cake to finish cooking. One this is for sure, never put your cheesecake from oven, directly into fridge!

One more tip I would like to add. It seems silly but trust me you need it, especially if it is a real finicky cake: Tread lightly when walking near your oven, like a souffle your cake will respond negatively to movement in the baking process, so to all children: DO NOT ENTER KITCHEN! Hope this Helps~

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