Whipping Egg Whites: The Perfect Meringue

Whipping Egg WhitesMy egg whites just won’t whip! Such are the sentiments of many frustrated bakers and it seems that no matter what they do it just won’t fluff up to nice stiff peaks. Here are a few tips that seem simple but are very essential!

When selecting a bowl in which to whip your egg whites, picking the right ones is more important then you think. Choose a very clean, dry stainless steel or copper bowl, such bowls, when properly cleaned, do not hold on to any grease or residue from previous use. Any hint of oil or even a trace of the egg yolk that might of dripped in with the egg will have a drastic effect on the results so make sure your whisk or beaters are clean and made of metal as well! These tips are usually all I need to get my desired results, but if it’s still not working for you or perhaps you want them stiffer still, I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve.

Start with using room temperature eggs and put a pinch of salt in the bowl with your egg whites. Unless you are using a copper bowl (which is best for egg whites) I strongly recommend using an electric mixer, it saves you the cramp in your arm and does it in no time at all. It has even been recommended that a little vinegar, lemon juice or cream of tar tar be added once you have started whipping and even a spoonful of sugar at the last couple seconds. You will be able to tell they are done when you lift up your whisk and a nice, stiff peak forms and doesn’t sink down.

Lastly be attentive when whipping your eggs, you don’t want to over whip them! I hope this works and your egg white horrors will be a thing of the past.

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