Keep Your Eggs from Scrambling by Tempering!

Has a recipe ever called for eggs to be added to a hot mixture just to find that it instantly turns it into scrambled eggs? Well there is definitely a reason and an even more definite solution.

What happens when you add cold or room temperature whipped eggs to a hot pan? What else but scramble and cook, well it is the same when you add the eggs to a hot mixture. First you have to temper the eggs, all this means is that you need to gradually introduce the hot mixture so that the eggs temperature will be brought up slowly and thus stay incorporated. Do this by whisking your eggs while adding a spoon full of the hot mixture to the eggs, but don’t stop whisking! Add at least to or three spoon fulls to make sure your eggs are warm enough and then add it to the hot mixture, this time continually whisk the hot mixture as you add the warm egg mixture. That’s it and that’s all, I hope you never have to fish out scrambled eggs from your recipes again, keep them on the breakfast table where they belong.

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