Quick and Easy Tomato Pasta Sauce!

A Delicious, easy, quick, Authentic Florence recipe for Tomato sauce that is a little different than your regular old spaghetti! You must try this recipe, people will go crazy over it and you can tell them it’s authentic Italian! Your family and kids will enjoy the stringy mozzarella as they dig into it! Continue reading

How to prevent pie crust edges from burning

Have you ever found and made the perfect pie recipe, baked it the time needed  only to end up with a perfect filling but over cooked or burnt pie crust?  Does your crust cook faster than the filling?  Does your pie crust taste slightly burnt or look to dark?  This is a common problem, because the crust does bake faster than the filling.  Continue reading

Delicious Banana Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie!

Oh how the taste of banana and chocolate blend so well and then add the smooth taste of cream cheese, what else could be better, it’s a dessert fanatics dream.  This recipe, although having more steps then most, is worth the effort and not very complicated as long as you read the recipe well.  This dessert is worth every step so go ahead and try it out! Continue reading

The Best Cheesecake Squares! So Easy!

Love cheesecake?  Well here is a recipe that combines the great taste of cheesecake with the charm of a square.  The recipe calls for blueberry preserves but let’s be honest, it’s up to you!  Whatever fruit filling is your favourite, it’ll work.  Not a blueberry fan?  Well try sour cherry or perhaps a delicious peach filling, make it suit your taste buds and those of your guests but whatever it is  I promise it will be sensational! Continue reading